San Diego chiropractor Dr Zach Beatty DC is about to drop some intense knowledge on those nasty little bunions we have all seen at some point. Not only are bunions a sight to be seen, but can also create severe toe pain which may lead to overall foot pain. These things are often mishandled with a lot of people being informed of medication, as seen on TV gimmicks, or even surgery. Now please do not take this out of context, all the above mentioned have their own time and place of necessity without a doubt.

Bunions are also widely used as a diagnosis without an explanation as to what they are, without a reason as to why they formed, or even how they can be fixed. But how big of an issue are bunions… big enough issue that approximately 5.2 million people in the United States deal with them. Thankfully our chiropractic office in La Jolla has seen bunions and has had significant success in helping those suffering from bunions.

So what is a bunion? Let’s start nice an easy by saying a bunion is. The mayo clinic describes bunions as bony formation at the base of the big toe. forcing it towards the other toes creating the big toe to get bigger and stick out. WebMD states that bunions can run in the family and are caused by weak or poor foot structure.

Bunions can form from a wide array of reasons, however as your San Diego Chiropractor, bunions form when here is a dropped arch in your foot. Specifically your navicular bone drops creating flat feet or fallen arch causing rotation of our metatarsals enough to the point that we have this little tiny bone called sesamoid that will also spin forcing our big toe to move inwards toward our other toes. When this occurs a bony projection will form on the inside of our feet. Take a look at this x-ray of ones foot. This formation is know as hallux valgus. This formation will rub on shoes, creating what some feel to be unsightly, and ultimately creating significant big toe pain. Our bodies are compensating machines, so when we have pain in one area, we naturally shift ourselves away from the pain, which can cause other issues down the line. If you are suffering from bunions, do not wait, give your chiropractor in La Jolla a call today and see how we can help give your life back.

Bunions are not the most common thing we see in our La Jolla chiropractic office, but once we see someone these issues are made aware by our patients. Once we are notified we jump right in to get them back to normal life. The biggest thing first and foremost is to decrease the discomfort of the big toe pain from bunions.

Now the question is how in the world does a chiropractor in San Diego help with bunions. We adjust the sesamoid bone that has spun as well as the navicular bone (the fallen arch component). In combination we see dramatic changes in the majority of our patients suffering from bunions as well as other foot like pains.

The last component of all foot pain is the shoes we are wearing today. They are not made like they used to be made. There are minimal if any arch supports, so please do yourself and your loved ones a huge favor by getting a great pair of orthotics. By a great pair, they should not buckle at the arch by simply putting a little bit of some pressure on them. They should be fairly rigid in that area as the majority of foot pain, low back pain, and knee pain can be derived from fallen arches and flat feet to some capacity.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about bunions, foot pain, low back pain, neck pain, or headaches please do not hesitate to reach out via email to Dr. Zach Beatty, your San Diego Chiropractor who is conveniently located in UTC La Jolla California.

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