Hey everybody it’s Dr. Zach Beatty from Gonstead Family Chiropractic out here in sunny beautiful San Diego. I want to take a quick moment to talk about pregnancy and how chiropractic can actually help with the pains and other side effects that come along with it. I’m just gonna discuss a little bit on it and please feel free to jump in and ask questions in the comments below, I’d be more than happy to answer those for you. The first thing is: why is a chiropractor talking about pregnancy? Well first off, there’s a chemical that gets released inside of our body during that time frame. During those nine months we release a chemical called relaxin what that chemical does is it allows ligaments, joints, muscles, tendons it creates relaxin, making things to relax and so it allows mobility through our spine to increase. So when we’re walking your hips are moving they can actually move more freely than normal because relaxin again allows all these ligaments and things that keep our bones tight and taut are now relaxing and so what we do we start to have things like sciatic pain, low back pain, pelvic tilt, things like these will start to formulate because our bodies are moving quote-unquote hypermobility. So the cool thing about our office is we actually have a table specific where we have two of those specific for pregnant women. What this table does is it allows you to have zero pressure on your stomach. It allows this to totally relax and then it allows a very gentle specific chiropractic adjustment to your body. The next table that we have is where we actually drop that centerpiece out and we’ll elevate the lower half and so it creates again a nice gap where your stomach can lay down in there. If you know anyone that is going through pregnancy or even considering getting pregnant maybe now’s a good time to even have a conversation with them. We see a lot in December alone about four or five months ago we had five or six moms give birth in our office so they were all under care, everything went smooth we’ve seen the kids it’s awesome. It’s really tons of fun to be totally honest with you but the best part is seeing that they do not have to go on bed rest, not have to suffer in pain, not have to deal with sciatic pain because that quote-unquote people say that’s normal it might be common but having sciatic pain isn’t normal. We should not be having sciatic pain regardless of what phase of life you’re in so if you are pregnant or have friends that are pregnant that are having sciatic pain low back pain, pelvic tilt, headaches, or mid-back all these things but specifically in that low back is where we see a lot of it. Give us a call I just can’t express enough how much we can help them so those nine months can be extremely tolerable and enjoyable so if you know anyone that’s in those situations please have them reach out to us and I hope you guys have an awesome rest of your day.

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