The best choice alternative for patients seeking neck pain therapy is a chiropractor. A chiropractor is a professionally educated health expert specialized in the non-surgical treatment of nervous system or musculoskeletal system issues. They, unlike doctors, treat manually rather than through medications.

Are you suffering from persistent neck pain? We are here to help you bid farewell to it. Gonstead chiropractor, the Best Chiropractor in San Diego, specializes in spinal manipulation to heal neck discomfort. We claim that the orientation of the spine connects to a person’s physical wellbeing.
Gonstead chiropractic therapy gives palliative care for neck pain sufferers employing several approaches by bringing our claim into treatment, with a definite emphasis on the spine.

Typical Causes of neck pain:

Several studies indicate that chiropractic manual techniques are typically more helpful for the relief
of neck pain, which is generally accompanied by:

  • Nerve Compression
  • Arthritis
  • Herniated discs
  • Bone spurs
  • Joints wear & tear
  • Muscle strains
  • Post-accident trauma

Chiropractic in San Diego places a strong focus on effectively dealing with patients as to what will occur at each step throughout the treatment. To inform the patient and obtain direct authorization to begin the treatment process, the Gonstead chiropractor ensures that the patient knows everything and anything that occurs during a diagnostic, evaluation, and planned therapy.

How does Gonstead Chiropractor Evaluate?

The Gonstead chiropractor will carefully evaluate a patient before providing any diagnostic or therapy plan. The evaluation can cover a spectrum of subjects, such as:

  • Checking the health records of the patient and identifying any potential archives that can interfere with the therapy
  • Conducting physical observations and inspections evaluating reflexes, nerves, joints, and muscles.
  • Performing lab tests to dive into one further necessary step to avoid serious disease interruptions

Chiropractic Treatments for Neck Pain:

As a component of your therapeutic process for neck pain, Gonstead chiropractor may utilize a mix of spinal manipulation, manual therapy, and other procedures at Chiropractic in San Diego. The following are some spine manipulation procedures we employ at Chiropractic in San Diego:

Cervical mobilization:

The patient will tend to lie on their back, rested, while the Gonstead chiropractor will interactively move the vertebrae in the neck from left to right, switching between the sideways movement and a figure 8 motion, applying different levels of shifting the head forward and outward also moving it right & left, and in a 360-degree cycle. It is a gentle, non-thrust reach designed to minimize fixations or regions of limited mobility between the cervical spinal segments. A cyclical motion using hands is also commonly performed during cervical spine mobilization.

Cervical manual traction:

The subject will either lay face up, sit, or, less frequently, be prone. The Gonstead chiropractor will carefully squeeze on the neck, extending the cervical spine and often adjusting the angle across flexion and extension depending on convenience and striving for the best spot to relieve the stiffness. This method is frequently used with mobilization, alternating between the two or performing both together.

Flexion-distraction technique:

It is a technique cast-off by Gonstead Chiropractors to treat spine disorders.

This approach enhances general spinal mobility addressing any disc bulges or herniation.

It involves painless movements that let vital nutrients enter the spinal discs, keeping them strong and operating effectively. This approach aids in the reduction of stress on the spinal nerves, which frequently causes physical discomfort.

Instrument-assisted manipulation:

The Activator method approach helps in soothing neck pain, lower back pain, discomfort in the limbs, and places beyond the spine. Gonstead Chiropractors employ this approach by a particular activator adjusting device.

With a brief, low-force pulse, it may locate specific damaged regions. The exertion of a pulse to a definite location prevents joints from twisting or being placed in various compromising situations.

Specific spinal manipulation:

Spinal manipulation serves to repair and enhance spinal column joint mobility.

Spinal mobilization activates the joints and improves movement adopting a mild thrusting action combined with stretching and relaxing.

Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, manual joint stretching & resistance techniques, therapeutic massage & exercises, trigger point therapy, inferential electrical stimulation, and ultrasound are among other Gonstead chiropractor treatments that may help enhance strength and flexibility in your neck and keep neck discomfort at bay. The diagnosis will ultimately determine which technique would be the perfect fit for you.

How long do I need to see a Gonstead chiropractor for neck pain?

Your chiropractic treatment plan will tailor to your specific condition. Those suffering from neck pain resulting from a vehicle accident, sports injury, or arthritis may require months of continuing therapy, but individuals suffering from ergonomic disorders or nerve compression may only require transitory assistance.

Get your hands-on free consultation today and now for further inquiries about your circumstances and condition at Gonstead Chiropractor, the Best Chiropractor in San Diego!

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