Today we are going to talk about headaches, specifically migraines. So what is a migraine, how do we handle migraines, what are the triggers for migraines, and how can we resolve them.

So what a migraine is, is typically identified as a headache. We have all had a headache at one point or another. But what separates them is that migraine produces a significant amount of pain behind one or both of your eyes, it can even create sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, possibly nausea, not just a throbbing headache, but can create a stabbing-like pain. It can also come with an aura. If you are having these types of pains, you could be experiencing something more than just your run of the mill headache. The next thing is how do you identify a migraine from other forms of headaches.

The first step as your San Diego chiropractor is to ask the right questions. We take a very thorough history approach. The more information you can provide to us, the better we can ultimately help you. We specialize in headaches, whether it be tension headache, cluster headaches, menstrual or hormonal headaches, lack of food triggered headache, a lack of water or dehydration style, or migraine headaches.

How else can we identify it besides asking the right questions. The next step is we will perform a thorough and detailed examination specific to your issue. So that will help us identify more of what is causing the issue for you specifically.

Following that we perform an x-ray (if needed and warranted). We provide digital x-rays in our office that will allow us to see inside your body. Are there structural changes present, are there degenerative changes, or other underlying causes. Rather than just what you see from the surfaces.

These three key components allow us to be extremely specific in our chiropractic adjustments and approach to getting you better. It allows us to produce amazing results for so many in the same or similar situation as you with the headaches/migraines. We see these issues on a daily basis.

One of our most fantastic cases that I can think of is a young gal who was suffering with a migraine headache 3-5 times a week. Some were so bad they would last days, putting her on the floor of her home in tears. She notes that she would even miss 3-5 days of work at a time at least once a month. Following a couple of months of care, she reported that she had not had a headache in weeks. We saw her again several months after that. She reported then that she had not had a single headache or migraine headache in nearly 6 months. Had not missed a day or work that she was previously missing again 3-5 days per month. What allowed her to have these amazing results, is that she allowed us to perform our chiropractic history, chiropractic examination, and x-rays, but most importantly she followed the recommendations of care that allowed her to become headache free.

She did exactly what we knew would get her better. As your Gonstead chiropractor here in San Diego, we performed the history, examination, x-rays, but also the specific chiropractic adjustments that affected her structure of her spine.It also affects your nervous system.

What we did once we found out the problem, we go in to adjust accordingly to what your body needs. The body tells us all so much information that we forget how intelligent it really is. We use a handheld device that is called a nervoscope that allows us to detect areas along the spine that are having issues. We palpate each specific segment of your spine/vertebrae to decide which one is out of place, in what position, is it locked up or subluxated as we call. Following that we realign things to where they should be for your optimal body function through Gonstead chiropractic adjustments. It takes pressure off the nerves over periods of time. It does not happen instantly. Now there are times where people get instant relief, but not instant reduction in nerve pressure. Unfortunately we do not correct the entire problem in one sweeping motion. It does take time to correct the issues, just like it took time for those issues to develop.

So if you are suffering from these migraines or tension style headaches, it could be related posture. Which we do have an article on, so please click here for that information. And it is about tech or text neck. However if you are unsure or would like an evaluation, give us a call 858-997-8203 or book online, as we are recognized as one of the best chiropractors in San Diego and we specialize in the Gonstead technique. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach us.

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