This year has been one of the worst with people suffering from the cold and flu. It has had a tremendous impact in each of your lives to some extent or another. Being a chiropractor and living in San Diego, we seek to help be as natural in our healing as possible. I have some natural home remedies to share with you.

One of the most common issues is a stuffy nose. We have all suffered from this. So what can be done? One great essential oil to help decongest is Eucalyptus oil. Whether you put it on your clothing near your nose or add a couple drops to our second remedy; steaming water. And the final one for stuffy noses, can be used for just about everything these days, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). ACV helps to thin mucus and boost immunity, ultimately helping to fend off the sickness.

Another common issue is a cough, specifically dry cough with a sore throat. Nothing works better than raw honey. It helps soothe the throat.
The best ways to do all of these are to add eucalyptus oil to a hot steaming pot of water, and inhale over it. While it loosens up the compacted mucus, discard it effectively. Also take ACV with some honey and warm water.

These are some very simple to do, very simple not to do remedies. Take some time if you are suffering and check these out, you will be glad you did!

Dr. Zach Beatty, Gonstead Family Chiropractic in San Diego, California. I specialize in helping people achieve optimal health through chiropractic and natural remedies.

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