Hey everybody, it’s Dr. Zach Beatty here with Gonstead Family Chiropractic out in beautiful sunny San Diego. Hope you guys are doing well and thank you for tuning in. Today I will be talking about x-rays. We take x-rays in our office because it allows us the ability to see the inside issues, for example we have two discs that could look different in the same person. That is from decay, just like our teeth decay our bones decay, too. X-rays give us Google Maps, we all use Google Maps or some type of map system to get to where we need to go. Of course there’s detours but it gives us that guideline on how to get there. This is the same thing with X-rays. They give us that guideline on what your body looks like. From there, we can make those corrections to your body specifically to you, not somebody else specific to you and your conditions that are happening. Whether it be digestion, irritable bowel you know, gassy stomachs, it could be stress ,fatigue, dizziness could be headaches could be all these. Everything could be sciatic pain, could be back pain, neck pain, all these things but we narrowed it down to these specific areas. We measure it down to a millimeter per segment so we can identify exactly what’s going on with you so then we can address it specifically, gently, and most importantly effectively. If you have questions or wondering why we do this feel free to give us a call, reach out to us, shoot us a message and we’d be more than happy to explain why we do this in more detail. People are always worried about radiation exposure as well but the amount of radiation that this takes right here is the same amount that you take from a flight from New York City to Denver. People don’t realize how much radiation is going on around us with cell phones and things like that all have radiation but it’s very low. A CT scan has up to 500 x-rays in it, so if you’ve had one of those you’ve already been exposed. We all are exposed so don’t let that scare you, instead let that be a teaching point that it’s very very minimal and we do it once. We take one good x-ray and we’re good. It gives us that guideline for knowing how to heal. So again if you have questions reach out to us we’re here with Gonstead Family Chiropractic located right by the 52 on convoy in San Diego but if you’re in another state or another city reach out to us we will get you hooked up. Have an awesome rest of your day all right

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