Hey guys it’s Dr. Zach here, Hope you guys are having an awesome day. So how many of us have been hunched over typing on a computer at a desk for hours recently now that we are working from home? I’m sure there are quite a few. I’m going to explain how to prevent extreme tightness and contractions in our pectoral muscles. So obviously I showed you guys the other day how to stretch. Now I want to show you how to loosen it up with a machine like this. So what you would do is go ahead and turn it up to the setting that works best for you. You’re going to run it right along that groove; this is called your pec major and minor. They’re muscles that attach from your chest up into your shoulder so you’re going to work it right through there. You’re also going to switch sides. Now it doesn’t matter which hand you do it with, you could use either hand to do this. What I want you guys to do is run that up and down for about 30 to 60 seconds, Also perform the stretch that is in the other video. I’ll put the link in here for you guys to that video but other than that if you guys have questions on how to loosen these please reach out to us because you guys know Dr. Zach has always got your back. Have a great day.

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