Hey everybody, it’s Dr. Zach from Gonstead Family Chiropractic in sunny San Diego, California. So today I will be talking about how to watch TV in a position that won’t bring on neck pain. Laying down on our back is by far the best way in which we sleep but it can also take compression off of our spine. Every time we sit or stand, gravity puts a specific amount of pressure/compression on our spines, which is why we are taller in the morning than we are at the end of the day. However, while we lay on our back it is extremely common for many of us to prop our heads up to look at the tv or something similar. When we prop our heads up it is putting our head and neck in the exact position we tell our kids not to…Looking down at their phones all the time. When we look down, every inch forward our head goes is equivalent to 10 lbs of stress on our neck and shoulder muscles. So if we go 4 inches forward it is 40 pounds. Long-term effects of this can be, neck pain, migraines, degenerative disc disease, text neck, upper mid back pain, radiating pain into fingers and hands, along with other painful conditions that are preventable. In our office, we handle a lot of people dealing with back pain, low back pain, headaches, migraines, whiplash from car accidents, sciatica, as well as all the neck pain issues listed above. We provide San Diego as one of the best chiropractors. We give amazing relief to those in pain through chiropractic adjustments that are safe, effective, and gentle for all ages.

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