Hey everybody it’s Dr. Zach Beatty of Gonstead Family Chiropractic here in San Diego, California. The reason for this post is it’s sports season, it’s the fall time, school just got in session, and so we have football, volleyball, basketball’s coming up soon, soccer, lacrosse, all these sports are happening. We are seeing tons and tons of injuries now that just comes with the nature of the beast of playing sports and being athletic and on those fields but the important thing to do is the recovery because the longer that we let that thing linger the less likely we are to play it our peak performance but also the less we can help our team and teammates and even ourselves and having fun doing so.

So if you are having ankle sprains, shoulder pains, elbows, wrists, knees, you know a lot people don’t think of us chiropractors as being able to help with those but we see those day in and day out. However, at our San Diego chiropractic office, we are recognized as one of the best sports chiropractors in San Diego. So if you are having something like that please feel free to reach out to us even just with questions. We do offer a complimentary free consultation so if you come in here like hey X Y & Z is going on can you help and the answer’s no. I’m going to tell you the answer’s no, but I’m not going to just say no and let you leave. I’m going to give you the answer of no but here’s what I would recommend whether that be some stretches, some exercises, or maybe it requires something outside of my scope of practice. It maybe requires physical therapy or acupuncture or maybe it’s a massage issue or maybe it’s you know it’s something more serious.

So if you are having questions please please please reach out and just let us answer those for you. If we have the answer or if we don’t have the answer we will try our best to find that answer for you. So the main list is for the parents but also you young athletes out there if you are having issues please feel free to reach out to us at any time. Thanks so much and have a great rest of your season and upcoming seasons.

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