“Because of the back pain, I couldn’t sleep in my bed for more than a couple of hours. Now I can sleep in my bed for 7-8 hours a night.” ​-Rebecca

“It has improved my life by allowing me to literally be able to sleep normally again, which is amazing. I’ve been having sleeping problems for the past year and a half, making me sleep upright because of some gastrointestinal acid reflux. And ever since I began getting chiropractic treatment, I’ve been able to sleep on my back, which is amazing. I didn’t think going to a chiropractor would help this, but this is great.” -Ulysses

“I’ve been in physical therapy and looking at possible surgery for one of my knees. One adjustment to my knee and it feels almost new again.” ​- Carol

“My ankle feels the best it has ever felt after a basketball game!” -Kyle

“My neck had been stiff to point of pain and barely being able to turn my head. ​My range of motion much improved, and due to the adjustments in my feet, I’m looking forward to running again!” -Maura