Hey everybody it’s Dr. Zach your favorite San Diego Chiropractor. Just wanted to share a couple tips while we’re all at home using those makeshift desks you know since there’s so many people working from home or just kind of grabbing what desk, chairs, tables, and computer setups that we can. We’re seeing a lot of people with neck pain and I’m getting a lot of text messages from friends and stuff with that sort of thing.

What we want to do during this time if you’re not able to get out or you’re self quarantined and things like that, a good way to exercise it and get this neck so it’s not so tight is simply by turning to the right and pulling down where your nose goes. So wherever your nose goes pull down and then you’re going to do the same thing the other way. This will help reduce tension in your levator scapulae muscles which create a lot of tension because every inch forward that head goes adds 10 pounds of strain. This can lead to what we call tech or text neck.

So if you’re having this issue use this stretch. Let us know how it works for you. Our chiropractic office is centrally located in Kearny Mesa, San Diego right off the 52 highway and Convoy Street exit. Just minutes from downtown San Diego, Santee, La Jolla, Pacific Beach (PB), and Mission Valley.

Stay healthy, stay happy, and we’ll talk to you guys soon.

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