Hello everybody its Dr. Zach Beatty here with Gonstead Family Chiropractic hope this finds you and your health your family healthy and happy. Today’s topic is what is that cracking or popping noise when I get my chiropractic adjustment. We hear that a lot of people are nervous about it, some people love it, and other people are just unsure about it. And so today we just want to take a few minutes to talk about what is it, why does it happen, why does it not always happen.

So first off I just want to talk about what’s going on with the anatomy part of it. So within our spines are individuals components that we call our vertebra which has padding or also known as our discs in between each of them. The next area is called the facet joint. Sometimes it can be hard to see, but these joints allow us to move right and you can see where twist and turn in this area. So it allows gases to build up in that area and what they will do is they will be released through a chiropractic adjustment. So imagine them building up in that area and then the chiropractor pushing in that area and then you hear a pop or a crack. Some people will say it is what we term it as a cavitation. All that means is a release of gases, much like our knuckles cracking. If you were to squeeze your knuckles and they pop or crack that is the exact same principle.

Now granted we’re not going for the cracking noise or the popping noise that is just something people become addicted to or they want to hear and they think that means that it was a good adjustment or a bad adjustment. That’s not the case that noise is just determined by the amount of gases being released nothing more nothing less there’s been plenty of times where people who will get adjusted, myself included where we don’t feel that noise my when I say feel that noise.

What I mean is there’s parts of our body that have you ever smelled something and you can almost taste it. Well there are times where people will hear an adjustment and they feel like they had one sometimes or vice versa they don’t hear that noise and they feel like nothing happened. Yet they maybe felt it, maybe they didn’t feel it, there’s a lot of variables in that. So the premise of this entire blog post, is about explaining to you that the noise that we see on all these chiropractic YouTube videos of the popping and cracking of the people’s necks and backs and everything like that. Is that is is great, that it is awesome because it grabs attention right.

But would you rather that noise be there or would you rather have the result of feeling better and having a better functioning nervous system. So when we do an adjustment we are focusing on specific areas. Because the spinal cord goes right through the center of our spine. It protects the spinal cord better so when we do an adjustment we are directly affecting the nervous system.

Now there’s a lot of people making claims about health and all that so we’re not gonna get into that. What we’re getting into is that the nervous system is directly impacted through chiropractic adjustments. That can be proven so when we adjust you, we are trying to make an impact into your nervous system make a positive impact into it and we’ll get into that later on.

Like I said the cracking and the popping noise of the chiropractic adjustment, whether for neck pain or back pain, is simply gases being released so it’s nothing to get worked up over it’s nothing to get excited about and it’s nothing to think less of your adjustment. Because maybe it wasn’t as loud as the last one.

So I hope that helps you all. If you have more questions on that please reach out to us as we are always here to help. Again we have been recognized as one of the best chiropractors in San Diego, but if you need somebody in another area always just reach out to us give us the zip code that you’d like them in and we’ll make sure to place you with somebody that we can validate for you okay so we hope you guys are doing well stay healthy stay happy and we’ll all talk soon

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