Hey everybody it’s Dr. Zach Beatty here in sunny San Diego with Gonstead Family Chiropractic. What we want to talk about today is ice versus heat. There’s a lot of different reasons why we ice before heat but in essence when in doubt ice it out. That’s a little phrase we like to use in the office, when in doubt ice it out. Primarily what we want to say is in the first three days, the first 72 hours we really want to ice down that injury. Get that acute injury under control, get that inflammation that’s gonna impact that area out of the way best we can. I also recommend turmeric. I think that’s a fantastic anti-inflammatory type of natural processed food that you can use. You can buy it in pill form, powder form, you choose. It ‘s going to be great for you. Now ice first, heat so inflammation gets pushed out with the ice. Heat after that especially for muscle injuries. If it’s a muscle injury I like to do a combination of both. What we want to do with that is simply put moist heat on. Whether it’s a rice pack, Epsom salt bath, warm bath, jacuzzis, things like that. Get it heated up for 15- 20 minutes. Don’t burn your skin, separate the two if you’re using an ice pack. get it nice and warm and then we want to work it outright so put it through a range of motion to help those muscles get movin right because if there’s adhering one the heats gonna help them melt and relax and jive and then you move it’s gonna help these move too then after that Is It down again to push the inflammation out. So, that’s just a quick little video. I just wanted to touch base super fast with you guys. If you have any questions, always reach out to us. If you’re not in San Diego, reach out to your local health practitioner, chiropractor, physical therapist, somebody anybody. If you don’t have somebody you reach out to us we’ll find you somebody. As always, Dr Zach’s Got Your Back.

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