Hey everybody it’s Dr. Zach Gonstead Family Chiropractic out here in beautiful sunny San Diego. So I’ve been getting this a lot lately about Google. We asked Google for a lot of things and sometimes we get amazing answers and sometimes we don’t. For example during this quarantine I thought it’d be funny if I said what is going on in San Diego? Where’s a cool place to visit? and what’s a great nightlife? Here’s the answer that I got. It’s called Little Italy. Let’s take a quick look. It is absolutely bare so maybe it wasn’t the best answer from Google. Google is not the end-all be-all for our answers neither is Bing or Yahoo or Medscape or any of these places. Sometimes it is your physician, believe it or not, who might know more about specific conditions than all the research that we spent doing as patients or consumers. Might just be the human behaviors that we have we all do it, myself including your healthcare professionals do it as well . What we want to focus on is the conditions that we have and why they’re there. Most times our bodies did not read the textbook so every article that you read is not exactly the same as yours right. So if we look at all the symptoms that you might have, maybe it matches five different diagnoses. What do you do then? Well that’s where the doctor actually comes in because it’s called a differential diagnosis and they actually are able to find out exactly what’s going on with you not take a guess not spend 14 hours on Google figuring it out. I’m not knocking it. I’m just simply saying that the doctor does not spend 14hours over the course of a week studying one particular disease but they are very knowledgeable and they never rule and rule out certain conditions. So if you have back pain sciatic pain neck pain things like that what I would do is go to your physician whether it’s a chiropractor or acupuncture or massage therapist maybe it’s an MD maybe it’s ado, go to them there’s nobody that’s more trained in those fields than that specific individual. That’s where we really need that lay our hat and hang it for the night so if you have any questions about certain spinal or musculoskeletal issues there’s no better place to go in my opinion. Our SanDiego office is located in Kearny Mesa now maybe I’m biased and that’s fine but again look what happened to me googled fun things to do in San Diego and again it is a fun place when there’s not this as the atmosphere. So I hope everyone’s having an amazing day doing well and I’ll talk to you guys all soon! Just don’t forget Google is not the end-all be-all your doctor or physician is the ultimate authority in your community. They have years of extensive research and again there’s good ones and bad ones in every profession so take with a grain of salt hope you guys are having an awesome rest your day.

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